Strategy & Execution Coaching to achieve your critical goals


Our mission is to help organizations achieve sustainable success through a disciplined approach to Creating, Communicating and Capturing superior value.


Through business coaching and a simple strategy and goals process, we help clients understand and then operationalize, two fundamental principles:

1.     The primary focus of a business should be to create, communicate and capture superior value.

2.     Sustainable value-creation strategies recognize the interdependent interests of customers, employees and investors, and create business models through which each of those constituents can best achieve its goals by advancing the goals of the others.

Rather than develop strategies for our clients, we build their strategic thinking and management capabilities. We then coach them as they develop and execute their own strategies.

1.   Our style of doing business

We treat customers with respect, and approach our work in a spirit of “confident humility.” While we know that we add great value, we also know that our customers are smarter about their businesses than we can ever hope to be. We respect their knowledge and experience, and work with them to get the greatest leverage from that knowledge and experience.

We understand that the time and bandwidth of the CEO and management team are the scarcest organizational resources. We design our processes so that senior management involvement is time efficient and yields a high impact.

We are very flexible and easy to do business with. We offer a range of services that can be tailored to meet each client’s unique needs and budget.



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Paul O'Malley

Paul O’Malley is the founder of Paul O’Malley AssociatesLLC, a Boston-based executive coaching and consulting firm founded in 1991, serving clients in North America and Europe. He has worked with CEOs and senior managers in a variety of organizations: start-ups, growth companies, Fortune 500's and non-profits. Paul has developed a new approach to strategy and execution that addresses the failures of traditional, industrial age planning models in the face of an information economy.  He authored the white paper, Creating Value: Linking the Interests of Customers, Employees and Investors, published by Pegasus Communications as part of its Innovations in Management series. Paul holds a Master of Science in Management from the MIT Sloan School (1991)