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value creation strategy

Our Seven Step Strategy Framework is an approach to strategy formulation that is rooted in the principles of value creation.  Strategy is the starting point for the ValueGroove Management Process® (VMP).  The fundamental premise of the VMP is that the purpose of an organization is to create value for customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders in ways that integrate the interests of those groups.  In that context, strategy is the process of deciding where an organization or business unit should focus its efforts going forward, in order to Create, Communicate and Capture real, superior value

The Seven Steps in the model are: 

  1.  External Environment and Opportunities

  2. Target Customers and their High Priority Needs

  3. Solutions and Competitive Alternatives

  4. High Value Activities

  5. Strategic Assets

  6. Structure and Culture

  7. Business and Financial Model

goals and execution process

 Once a management team has developed its value creation strategy, we help them adopt a practical goals and execution process to translate the strategy into concrete, effective action.

The goals process uses an intuitive, cloud-based tool for creating simple goal plans, tracking results, and sharing updates and comments within and across teams.

The process establishes a regular rhythm of meetings at the company and functional team levels to review results to date, and make course corrections as necessary.

While the goals process drives results and aligns teams and individuals around the strategy, its highest value is to drive rapid learning. As Peter Senge has noted, learning is the only sustainable competitive advantage.

We provide coaching to help companies implement the goals and execution process, and offer ongoing support and facilitation for customers who find that helpful.


Organizational culture—the values, attitudes and “ways of doing things” that characterize a company—has a major impact on the organization’s ability to succeed, adapt, and grow.  Culture also is a major determinant of what kinds of employees will be hired and retained.  People who don’t fit the culture will ultimately be driven out by what one of our clients called the “corporate immune response.”  It is important therefore that culture be managed.   

Our approach to strategy and execution builds a culture that reinforces behaviors that lead to sustainable success, e.g.:

·      Focus on creating real value, and avoid wasting the time, energy, imagination and credibility of the organization on creating the illusion of value.

·      Explicitly link the interests of customers, employees and investors. 

·      Act as an agent of the customer. This means not selling customers anything you wouldn’t buy if you were in their situation, but had all of the knowledge that you posses (in your current situation).